About Us

Founded in 1987 as an independent third party administrator (TPA), Group Health & Benefit Administrators, Inc. (GHBA) is one of the leading retirement and employee benefits and actuarial consulting firms dedicated to providing affordable, quality administration tailored to employees’ and clients'’ unique needs.

Powered by highly educated, motivated staff and up-to-date, leading-edge resources, GHBA is expert in the design, administration, and regulatory factors shaping retirement and employee benefit programs. Focused solely on the top-notch service that provides innovative, effective client solutions, GHBA’s expansive portfolio of services includes:

With a core competency in creative plan design, GHBA has the expertise to offer flexible plan designs and services, as well as the knowledge to keep retirement programs compliant with the changing landscape of government regulations.

Whatever the challenge, GHBA delivers the expertise, resources, and services clients, brokers and qualified consultants need to overcome that challenge efficiently, creatively, and cost-effectively.